What is Mars Doggy

The Mars Doggy token contract was created to PASSIVELY build WEALTH

The more transactions on the Mars Doggy blockchain and Mars Doggy METAVERSE, the more Mars Doggy holders are rewarded. This is why we are bringing NFTs to the Mars Doggy Verse and creating a METAVERSE for NFT holders to play, fight, trade, level-up, breed to make new unique Mars Doggys and explore the Mars Doggy METAVERSE. Also a marketplace for staking coming soon.

Solid meme token 100x advisors with many influencers at hand. And partners including comic book creaters and a indie cartoon channel. NFT holders will be rewarded if your Mars Doggy is featured in any given episode of Mars Doggy

Why Mars Doggy


Build WEALTH holding Mars Doggy

Automatic BUSD Rewards

Holders of Mars Doggy will receive 10% from EVERY transaction in BUSD automaticlly every 60 minutes just by holding Mars Doggy

Automatic Liquidity Pool

With 4% of every transaction added to the liqudity pool, this will stabilize the price creating a solid foundation which acts like fuel to reach our destination around the galaxy

Buy-back & auto-burn

4% of every transaction goes to buy-back the Mars Doggy token automatically, creating HYPER-DEFLATION pushing the price to the MOON. These tokens are then burned to push to price to MARS and BEYOND!!


Pre-Sale & Values


January 8, 2022 (17:00 UTC)

Total Supply



January 9, 2022 (17:00 UTC)

Tokens for presale


Soft Cap

75 BNB

Tokens exchange rate

1 BNB = 253,333,333

Hard Cap

150 BNB

Minimal purchase amount

0.1 BNB


Initial Token Distribution

Sale Proceed Allocation

Tx Fees

Launch Plan

Phase 1 - EARTH

Core team formed & strategic partnerships setup

Phase 1 - EARTH

Character conception, design & web base built

Phase 1 - EARTH

Website launch & create social medias

Phase 2 - MOON

Presale and tokens released to public

Phase 2 - MOON

Listing on Coin Market Cap & Coin Gecko

Phase 2 - MOON

NFT Collection Drops

Phase 3 - MARS

Launch comic book series

Phase 3 - MARS

Marketplace & Staking platform

Phase 3 - MARS

Beta Metaverse Deployment

Phase 4 - MILKYWAY

Release first Mars doggy episode

Phase 4 - MILKYWAY

v1 Metaverse


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mars Doggy?

Mars Doggy was created around the token mechanics to bring PASSIVE WEALTH TO ALL MARS DOGGY HOLDERS By Creating NFTs, a METAVERSE which will include a gaming platform and a DeFi marketplace for staking. We will bring extra utility to the Mars Doggy Ecosystem

How can I be sure we will moon then reach mars?

With NFTs, a METAVERSE & marketplace for staking. There are countless avenues for all Mars Doggy holders to be rewarded. Plus marketing tactics from a cartoon series and comic book collection plus more

When do I receive my rewards?

You will see your BUSD going up automatically in your chosen wallet (wallets on exchanges may not give you your rewards)

How do I participate in the presale?

Sign up for the WHITELIST by clicking the link and following the instructions on the WHITESALE page. Come back here and click on PRESALE link at the launch day January 8 17:00 UTC

Join Whitelist

Join whitelist for a chance to win prizes. More details on whitelist page and telegram

Participate in presale

Click on Join Presale at 17:00 UTC on January 8. Presale will be open for 24 hours

Download & Setup Metamask or trust wallet

You will want to download either Trut Wallet (for your smartphone) or MetaMask (for your browser in the form of an extension). Once you have downloaded either one of these you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network to your network-list. A tutorial of this can be found HERE

Purchase & Send BNB (Binance Coin) to your wallet

Use an exchange such as Binance to purchase BNB, after purchase withdraw the tokens from the exchange into your MetaMask or Trust Wallet via the address given to your wallet (Starts with 0x)

Click on join preale

Come back to our website and click on join Presale at 17:00 UTC on 8 Jan 2022

Set amount you would like to purchase in BNB and click buy

Connect your wallet to pinksale found on the link and enter the amount in BNB your wish to use to purchase Mars Doggy Tokens

Is the liquidity locked?

The liquidity will be locked for 1 year on pinksale. click here

Has the contract been audited?

You can follow the link here


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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